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2018  Schedule is updated.   

June 5, 2018 update...

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the race in Yorkton SK in August has been cancelled.


May 1, 2018 update...

Update to schedule.   Alaska has been removed, however Bowling Green, Kentucky has been added as a Tentative race in June.


April 2018 update.....

It has been quite some time since we have had an update on this site.   No excuses, just a busy year.  Here is a brief summary of our 2017 season....

 It began with the Rocky Mountain Nationals where Twisted Motorsports, Webb Family Motorsports, Superbird Racing and Mageau Family Racing participated.    Due to a rain storm, the race was postponed to the September long weekend.   Superbird Racing made it to the semi finals, however due to a previous booking in Gimli, MB they were unable to make it back to finish out the race. 

2017 saw some significant changes to the IBAA.   With the poor economy some of our members were unable to continue racing due to finances, yet we were also able to gain some new members.  Through this we have been a able to maintain our car count. 

Our biggest loss is the retirement of Sherrie Bodnarchuk of Superbird Racing.   She has been racing with the IBAA for many years and she and her crew will truly be missed by all of us at IBAA. 


We want to officially welcome Colin & Julia Harris with there 55 Chev.  We also want to congratulation them on the birth of their baby girl Claire in January 2018. 



Next was Hot August Nights which started a very busy August for the IBAA.   Followed by Yorkton, Saskatoon and Gimli.

Saskatoon fans saw Colin's licensing pass and his first official race against another car.   It was very exciting for everyone.

Due to some bad weather in Gimli, we were only able to make one pass.


Now for 2018....

With the warmer weather starting up we have begun to think more about the upcoming season.   We had our Annual Meeting March 10th and everyone had terrific ideas of where to take the club this year.  Social Media, Sponsorship, new track to approach, etc.

We would like to welcome our newest member Mark Venance and his crew Dwayne Maxwell to the IBAA.  They have a 23 T Altered and we look forward to having them race with us this year. 

All of our members are excited for the new season.   They have all advised their cars are basically ready to fire and  should all be ready for testing in May... assuming we don't still have snow at that time.    Winter goes by faster than we think sometimes and getting the cars ready is a huge project. 

We will be celebrating Darrell Webb’s 25th year of drag racing this season.  He is the founding member of the IBAA and can tell you many stories about the club, how it has progressed and many changes over the years. 

We all look forward to seeing our fans at the tracks.  We will be adding pages for each Team so you will be able to follow your favorite driver.   Watch for changes over the  next few months.





"We Will Blow You Away"