International Blown Alcohol Association

Cody Anstead - Twisted Motorsports

2 Seat Dragster Experience

 “The Trip of a Lifetime”

Car Information:

Car Owners Craig Anstead & Rob Reeves

Chevrolet Big Block V8 Crate Engine

2 Speed Power Glide Transmission

2000 Bruce Litton Chassis

NHRA and IHRA Chassis Certified



  • Unparalleled safety record, thousands of rides given without any incidents.

  • Car is run on as a single pass, with no other cars on the track.

  • All cars are maintained to immaculate standards, and fully inspected after each weekend.

  • Solo check out pass is performed after each race day to ensure the car and safety equipment is performing at top levels.

  • Current safety harnesses, helmets, racing suits and gloves.All at or above NHRA standards.

  • This car is used for major sponsors, multiple charities and promotion of Castrol Raceway. It is not a “for profit” operation.


    Driver Bios:

    Craig Anstead

  • 26 years experience in blown alcohol dragster and blown alcohol funny car as owner and driver.

  • 17 years experience campaigning the 2 Seat Dragster Experience.

  • Co-owner and Manager of the 2 Seat Dragster Experience.


    Cody Anstead

  • 8 years experience in Junior Drag Racing

  • 8 years experience driving blown alcohol dragster and blown alcohol funny car.

  • 8 years experience driving the 2 Seat Dragster.