International Blown Alcohol Association

Kevin Roufosse - Wired Racing


Kevin was born in Rose Valley, Saskatchewan and moved to Saskatoon at age 7.  He has lived in Saskatoon since and is married to his lovely wife Connie, who is both pit crew and backup girl for Wired Racing. 

He has 21-year-old twins and a step-son who is 35.  The initial fever to start racing came from his brothers and cousins buying, selling and street racing Muscle Cars.  As a result, his first car was a Camaro that was driven hard on the streets.  In 1988 at 19 years old, Kevin bought a 1969 Dodge Superbee with a big block automatic.  Shortly after, he rebuilt the drive train/chassis and once painted, it was not long before he took “the Bee” to the local drag strip and was hooked.

1995 – Wanting something lighter and faster, Kevin purchased the rolling chassis of a 1967 Dodge Dart and swapped the drive train from the Superbee into the Dart.

1997 – Started racing the Dart regularly at SIR in the Pro class.

2003 – In the quest to go faster, drove to Pennsylvania to pick up and purchased his first professionally built race engine/transmission to drop in the Dart.

2008 – Bought a vintage Tuttle front engine dragster roller chassis/body. Installed an alcohol injected aluminum big block 2 spd powerglide to run in Super Pro class.

2012 – Raced in the 2012 California Hotrod Reunion in Bakersfield in NE1 class. Qualified with a 7.73 and survived one round before being eliminated.

2014 – Car was named “Wired” and professional graphics installed.

Continued to race Super Pro in Saskatchewan/Alberta until joining the IBAA in 2016.

Fastest run to date: 7.01, 194 mph